Helpful Hints for Childproofing Your Home

  1. When cooking, always turn the handles of pans and skillets inward. Fry or boil foods on back burners. Check the insulation on oven doors. Install chemical fire extinguishers.
  2. Install plug protectors in empty sockets including those behind furniture. Tack down excess electric cords or use cord holders to wind excess cords. Remove unnecessary extension cords.
  3. Lock up all medications and bathroom/kitchen cleaning supplies.
  4. Things to banish from your home: Old medications, unused medications, any medications without childproof caps. Never keep medications in anything other than their original container. Always follow dosages exactly. Never give your child "old medicines" or substitute smaller dosages of adult medicines.
  5. Make certain that all locks can be opened from the outside by an adult.
  6. Never leave your baby alone on any surface from which he/she could fall or roll off (including beds, changing tables, sofas).
  7. Do not use any toy box that is self locking
  8. If you have stairs at home, you must install safety gates at the head and foot of every stairway.
  9. Next to every phone, list the following phone numbers:
    • Pediatrician: 480-609-8100
    • Poison Control Center : 602-253-3334
    • Hospital Emergency Room:
    • Emergency Rescue: 911
  10. When buying plants, flowers and shrubs, always inquire if they are poisonous. Keep a record of the names of all your plants.
  11. Never give your baby objects small enough to be swallowed or cause choking.
  12. Never tie a pacifier on a string and hang it around the baby's neck.
  13. Always dispose of all plastic bags immediately and safely.
  14. Do not let anyone hold your child in the car while it is moving. Always use a car seat that meets the following requirements:
    • Passes federal car-safety crash standards
    • Offers a comfortable padded seat set in a rigid frame
    • Has a strong secure harness
  15. Never leave your baby alone near a pool, not even for a second. Be sure the pool is fenced in and protected with child proof locks. Protect the baby's skin with sun block greater or equal to SPF of 30.
  16. Never leave your baby unattended in the bathtub, not even to answer the telephone-let it ring (a child can drown in less than two inches of water).
  17. Never take for granted that other people's homes are as child-safe as yours.

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